Friday, February 23, 2018

Thankful, Friday: Gingers


Rusty, hiding in the paper;
Mango looking adorable up front

Napping together, after strenuous
exploration of the delivery box!
I am thankful for my friends, who send me photos of their cats.  Love to see them!  The boys above are from P&M in Florida, and these are just two of their cat family.  Mango is fluffalicious, and Rusty is all ginger boy!  I want to reach into the photos and smooch them!  Aren't they too cute?


And, we are very thankful for the well-wishes for Patty O'Malley!  Random Felines and many others suggested Veterycin spray, and I've been spritzing his wound at least twice a day, more if it is not raining buckets or the temperatures outside are too cold.  Although not pretty, the bare spot appears to be healing, or at least not infected.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, and bring bad luck.  Your prayers and warm fuzzies mean all the world to us!  Thank you.

Okay, a day late...but, we're still hopping!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Performance Art

(Lucky for some kitty, I can get new boxes at the office!)
Some kitty decided that this box needed adaptation!  The pieces were carefully strewn about.  The fancy art critic says, "The uneven edge represents the vagueries of life, while the viciously ripped out fragments mimic the complexity of the cosmos."

Or, some kitty attempted to make enough noise to convince the humans to get up sooner rather than later, and feed some kitty!

Update on Patty O'Malley: Well, there really isn't an update.  I've been spritzing his wound with Vetericyn as often as I can.  We've had terrific rainfall for about 24 hours, though...cannot spritz much in a downpour.  Last night, I was convinced that we needed the veterinarian, and yet this morning, it wasn't too bad.  Any photo of this is too icky to post, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  Now that it's dry outside, I'll sit out on the deck, with the cat in my lap, and really get a good look-see.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love Your Pet Day 2018 (US)

Of course I love our kitties!  The Hubby does too, and we give them play, warm beds, good food, and belly rubs.  In return, they give us these...heart-shaped peeballs in the litterbox!  Guess the one left on Valentine's Day (Happy Peeball Day) was just the beginning of a 'stream' of hearts!  

Lumpy Valentine Peeball

Angular Heart Peeball
 And while thrift shopping over the weekend, I scored this adorable sweater...with cats embroidered on it!

Tabby cat

Basket cat

Solo Cat

Seriously, this purrfect sweater cost 99 cents.  So springlike; I cannot wait to wear it with my black and white cat scarf.  What says "I love my cats!" more than a cat sweater worn at the office!?! 😹

Monday, February 19, 2018

Supawstars Spotlight Award, From Pets Overload

Johnny from Pets Overload awarded Eastside Cats a Supawstars Spotlight Award for February 2018!  We are humbled by such generosity, and appreciate the positive feedback for our blog.

Here are the rules:

  • You are to choose 5 pet bloggers and link to their blogs and describe why each of them deserves this award
  • You must encourage the pet bloggers you shout out to shout out 5 bloggers themselves
  • You must leave a comment on each other blogs letting them know that you’ve given them the spotlight

If you look over at the right-hand side of this blog, you'll see a list of bloggers that I enjoy!  Every one deserves an award.  In the interest of following rules, however, here are five:


The Island Cats:  Zoey, Wally, and Ernie make me smile every day, and the woman with the yellow hair who is their catsecretary is crazy-pants in love with each of them!

Wandering Cat Studio: A wonderful blend of knitting, quilting, and cats!  So imaginative, and artistic.

Four Legged Furballs: Just the doodles alone are adorable, but three kitties and one goggie have wonderful stories to tell!

A Proper Bostonian: Floofy cats galore, and an interesting outlook on life, love, beauty...and Boston!  Not to mention tea, brewing tea, and purchasing the correct tea kettle.

I Have Three Cats: Observations on living with cats, written with quiet humor, that usually leave me pondering the human/feline relationship, and learning new things with every post!


Off I go to comment on each of these blogs, and I encourage everyone to read them, for you will find enjoyment as much as I have.

Thanks again to Pets Overload, who I would like to nominate right back, as a wonderfully funny, loving, and personal blog that reflects how living with cats is one of the best things about life!

Friday, February 16, 2018

The PO'M Is Injured

Patty O'Malley is injured; his ear is torn, and he's missing a rather large patch of fur on his neck.  I managed to check him out closely this morning.  He didn't want me to look, so I stuck my phone next to him while he ate breakfast, and snapped photos so I could get a visual.

The ear is not a problem; that one is already shredded, and the other is ear-tipped.  The semi-bald, fur-less area is what's worrying me: it's scary looking!  I don't see any blood or sores; just pinkish white skin, and tufts of wet-looking fur.  He's probably licking the area as best he can, or it's weeping a little bit.

As much as my heart tells me to grab him and run to the nearest vet's office,  The PO'M will NOT allow that much handling.  I must trap him...which takes a few days.  Instead of panicking, I and The Hubby agreed to look him over carefully, and if he's not healing, then the trap comes out and a vet appointment made.  I'll monitor him all weekend, and will try to smear on some herbal ointment that I purchased at the holistic pet store.  The ointment won't hurt him if he licks it, but it will aid healing. 

Below is a photo of the damage, but I'm making it very small, so you can avoid looking at it.

Poor baby!
I noticed a raccoon in the tree recently, but I've neglected to keep a sharp eye out for them.  This could be a raccoon's handiwork, or perhaps another cat. 

My poor PO'M!  😿