Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WOW! Angel is famous!


Cat Chat With Caren and Cody has Angel in today's post!  How cool is that!

Angel really loves the scratcher bed that Cody gave her months ago, and today I received a 2nd scratcher, to make it a double-wide!

The new bed, in it's wrapper!

Angel simply loves to laze around

I purchased the 2nd Kitty Couch myself, after receiving the first one months ago as a gift from Cody. When we are home, The Hubby and I will place the two couches face to face, so they become one big, wide bed for Angel...and Chuck too!  Angel gets the bed about 80% of the time, and 20% for Chuck.

Meeting up with Caren was a blast, and we'll find a way to meet up again.  We both live in Metro Detroit, after all!  I hope to meet Cody and Dakota too, someday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saving Birds

My boss has a robin that keeps pecking at the window in his office! We think the bird is seeing it's reflection, and so tries to run off 'the intruder', not understanding that he's after himself!  At an old job, we had a pair of cardinals that pestered the office window every morning in Spring, even though the employees tried to tape paper up to discourage them.

So, I purchased some WindowAlert Decals, to persuade Mr. Robin that he's got no beef with that window.  I have NOT received compensation for this product; I'm merely reporting on an item that I found online, and purchased for my work.  

This is the packaging

Two of the four butterfly decals

How the decals look on the outside

Decals from the inside
The decals were created to prevent window strikes, which is when a bird flies into glass due to the reflection. I figure it should do the same thing for Mr. Robin; to make him aware!

I will report on any changes in Mr. Robin's behavior.  I have two more decals to use, and I found a perverse enjoyment at rummaging around the outside of the office building, where no one else ventures except the grounds crew.  Obviously, a bit of Mother Nature is all I need to make my day!

P.S. My apologies,  Trout TownTabbies! We know that you dislike birds, of any kind.  Please forgive us this time of being nice to birdies. (And I'll answer your email soon!)

Monday, May 22, 2017


I have managed to coax Sweetie and Patty O'Malley up the Stairway To Heaven a number of times recently, but have only managed to snap a few quick photos as evidence.  I step out onto the balcony, shake the kibble a bit, and first one cat and then the other pop out of the hole and come over for snacks and lovin'.  On this day, I left the storm door closed, but since that time I leave it open wide enough for a cat to walk in.  Sweetie is quite inquisitive; she goes right inside and takes a good look around.  I want her to keep that up, because her actions may pull Patty along with her, as he will only peer in so far.

Sweetie, looking in the cat flap

Patty and Sweetie, lured up by kibble!

Patty peering in the cat flap, as Sweetie watches
This morning, however, I stepped out onto the balcony, but there wasn't a cat in sight!  I called and shook the kibble...but neither cat appeared.  So, I went back inside, down the stairs and out the front door...and around to the backyard.  Patty and Sweetie were under my car, in the driveway.  Hmmm. May have to work in a sound to 'call' them, like a small bell (something that doesn't drive the neighbors crazy, like a cow bell...LOL!).  The idea is to get them used to coming up and down to eat, and then inside.  Once they go inside, I'll close the door, and teach them to use the cat flap.  If they can 'flap', then I can let them inside at night, and out again in the morning, with only the wooden door open for the brief time it takes them to go in or out.

My summer project!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Newest Wooly Migration

Imagine my surprise, to have discovered that Chucky was herding wooly socks again!  Three woolies, and each one made it a bit farther than the last.  I figure they are trying to escape out of the front door, and Chuck was diligently offering them encouragement to go for freedom!  Don't know what a sock can do outside, but I'm not a sock...with sock dreams and goals.  How nice of Chuck to play mentor to the woolies!
"Aw, shucks...I was just being helpful to the woolies!"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tricked Ya! Thursday

Answers to yesterday's post:
Picture #1: Stranger Cat

Picture #2: Stranger Cat

Picture #3: Stranger Cat

Picture #4: Patty O'Malley

Picture #5: Patty O'Malley

Ha ha HA!  That Stranger Cat looks an awful lot like Patty!  I did not see her last night, but you know I'm always on watch for kitties in the neighborhood, like the wee black floofy kitty below:
See the little black cat on the sidewalk?

Patty with a spot
Here is this morning's photo of Patty, with a Advantage Multi spot on his neck.  He was not a happy camper and tried to pull away as I started the application, but I told him that he's been scratching the fur off of his ears and he needs the stuff.  He relented, but he gave me the back of disapproval this morning.
Tough as nails Angel
Then again, he got chased by Angel last night, who didn't enjoy his close proximity to her front porch perch.  AND, Sweetie pushed him off of his dinner bowl last night; she really wanted that tuna!

Sweetie's typical stance: one front paw raised
Patty's three ladies messed with his poor mind; I think he's down in the dumps today.  No worries, I'll give him lots of lovin' this evening to build his self-esteem back up again.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Who Is It Wednesday?

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5
Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by a Patty O'Malley look-alike while out and about yesterday!  So I thought I'd let you all guess:  which photos are of The Stranger, and which are Patty?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Footprints Of Love

The front porch
It was pouring buckets of rain when I got up this morning.  Weather like this makes me wonder: should I run out now with food for Patty O'Malley and Sweetie, as I do most every day...or wait, to see if the rain slows or stops in a little while?  Today, I decided to pour kibble out, and run it to the backyard for them.  However, Patty was already on the front porch, and he was soaked*!  

Once I was finished with my food delivery, the resulting foot- and paw-prints on the porch amused me. The Hubby was out in the rain too, since it's trash-pickup day.

*I've noticed that Patty is scratching a bit, so it's time for a flea and tick preventative treatment.  I really dislike putting chemicals on him, however any holistic remedy that I've tried has been ineffective. Yesterday, I was ready to squeeze the little vial of DIE-BUG-DIE stuff on him, but somehow got distracted and did not do it.  Glad that I didn't, because it would have all washed off of him in the morning rain!  Why was he out in the rain, anyhow?  My silly Patty!

Selfie taken on Saturday...when it was dry!