Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meet 'Treat The Dog'! And don't worry; there is cat stuff too!

Talented people are amazing to me, and any who love animals go right to the top of my list of favorite people!

Meet Pam Baril, the owner and creator of Cookie Cutter Tweets/Treat The Dog, LLC.  I purchased many cat toys and artwork from Pam over the years, where I've visited her booth at the hugely popular Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market in Michigan. She offers a variety of dog and bird items also, and adds new creations often.

At the market

For the birds

For the dogs

EC: Tell us about how you began Treat The Dog, LLC.
PB: I’ve been in business for just over eight years, when I started selling bird seed feeders.  At the first farmer's market where I sold them, the market manager asked if I would consider getting licensed to sell dog treats (which I did), and the rest is history! The cat people spoke, so I started making organic catnip toys, which I sell more of than any other of my pet products!

Kitty enjoying a catnip toy made by Pam

When I saw the sign at Pam's booth,,
I grabbed it right away!

EC: Describe your product focus:
PB: I hand-make every item I sell, and although it’s a lot of hours sewing and baking, I love every minute of it!  Being at my markets are “my happy places”.  I look forward to seeing my customers, both human and furry; the dogs know I’m the treat lady, and get their sample treat when they see me. The customers that don’t have their pets with them always show me pictures. It’s a thrill seeing them wearing one my bandannas in person or a picture!

Dog fashions!

Bandannas for every holiday

EC: Do you have an interesting story from a customer who purchased your products?:
PB: One of my fondest memories is of a dog named Zoey, who would visit me at both the Northville and Farmington markets. She came to my regular space in Northville, but I wasn’t there that day, and she just stood there in disbelief.

Dog watercolor

Cat watercolor

Thank you, Pam, for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule for us today. We know you are ramping up to start the new summer season, and we know there will be lots of dogs, cats, birds… and humans in your future!

Disclaimer: All photos used by permission of Pam Baril, or are my own images.  I was not compensated in any way for this interview; I just really enjoy Pam's work!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Happy Birthday, Puba!

My father, with his firstborn child
Dig that crazy tie!

My father, whom we called "Puba", would have been 90 years old today.  We lost him in May, 2004, due to health complications from the polio he'd contracted as a child.

Puba never really liked animals; having six kids was more than enough chaos!  The timing of his death, and The Hubby and I adopting Angel and Chuck, is more coincidence than anything. Angel and Chuck weren't born until July, 2004, but they were in utero when my father was still alive.  Angel was named for my father in heaven.

We'll never know if Puba would have enjoyed our cats, but I know he'd want us all to be happy, and to have love in our lives, and that's what cats give us…right?

Happy Birthday, Dad!
We miss you

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018

Snoozy Sunday

My dear friends, the office has purchased software, where I talk to the screen and it types. I am just getting used to this process, but it may allow me to do more blogging stuff.  Luckily, there are few people in the office today to listen to me!  My left hand is doing well, but I need to not use it to type on the keyboard.

Sunday was beautifully sunny day, and I chose to lay down for a moment after breakfast. Manny came along and slept on me!  Such joy!  After about 15 minutes,  he moved from my lap into the shade. Guess that warm sunshine was too hot on his black furs!

Snoozing Manny
You see, Manny and Chili Bruce no longer sleep with me at night, because Angel has the upstairs apartment.  And because I work all day and am away from home, the opportunities for Da Boyz to sleep on or with me is very limited.

So, I had 15 minutes of bliss yesterday, and managed to take a photo too!