Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The End Of A Kibble Era

When Angel and Chuck were kittens, The Hubby and I fed them kitten kibble.  At that time (almost 14 years ago!), the kibble came in really nifty, reusable canisters.  As time progressed, I simply kept refilling them.  When Angel and Chuck were switched to wet food only, these containers came under the purview of The 'O' Cats, and sat on top of the refrigerator where no inside cat could jump up and attempt a kibble snatch. 
The piece of tape on the handle was for the days when we used two kinds of kibble
Back and front

Aww gee whiz, my babies aren't babies anymore!
Front and back
As the years went on, the bags of kibble dwindled in size, and these days, one bag of kibble for The 'O' Cats only fills two of the old containers.  So The Hubby threw out two of the four today, in the recycle bin for the trash guys to take away.  Who knew I'd be so sentimental about old plastic canisters?  Guess it's a last link to the sweet, baby kittens that we adopted, who are now considered seniors at 12-1/2 years.  So, a fond farewell to those old things; you did your job excellently!  Hope you are recycled into something that is as useful as you once were.  Bon Voyage!

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Tail of Woe

Chuck's visit to the veterinarian on Saturday, March 18 didn't go as well as we'd hoped.  Although his blood pressure and the stuff that she measured in his actual blood was okay, the vet said that his radiograph still shows a shadow on his lung.  Could still be fluid, so she gave us Spironolactone in addition to the Lasix.  Or, it could be something else.  We go back on Saturday, April 8 to see what we can see.

Since I was away last week, The Hubby was in charge and he scooped the litter boxes and doled out food to all cats.  However, the spot where they drew blood from Chuck on his tail turned red and raw.

You really don't want a good look at it, trust us
Blurry, but you can see the little nekkid spot on his tail

"Don't bother me!"
The last time they shaved his tail, we called him "Chucky Two-Butts"!
The Hubby was glad when I was home again, because he had decided that we could do a bit of veterinary doctoring ourselves, with some triple-antibiotic cream and a good wrap-job so Chuck couldn't lick.  The Hubby was going to do the first-aid, while I held the cat.

There are no photos of the ensuing chaos; just suffice it to say that Chuck had a very poor opinion of our bedside manners, and in the end The Hubby held the cat while I wrapped the tail after a bit more shaving.  The results weren't half-bad.
Tail Wrapped
Chucky was more upset with the doctoring, than the bandage

"I am ignoring you!!!"
I received the Back Of Disdain for only a moment

"Okay, I'm over it...time for a nap!"
Chuck didn't seem to care much about it, after the dust had settled
I also dug out the Elizabethan collar that we've had in the cabinet since Angel was spayed back in 2004.  The Hubby and Chuck talked while I was out of the room, and came to an agreement about the bandage, meaning "don't lick or you'll get The Cone Of Shame".  Tonight, we'll take the wrap off and see if our efforts were helpful.  Chuck did not lick at it before I went to bed.

I will note that Chuck has put on some weight, so perhaps the Spironolactone is helping.  Or he likes The Hubby's feeding methods.  All of our collective fingers and toes are crossed, that it's only fluid that is now gone, and he will be as right as rain for a long, long while, just like his long tailio...tail of woe!

P.S. You want to see another long tailio, go visit Elliott at William of Mass Destruction!

P.S.S. I promise to visit all of your blogs and comment, just as soon as I catch my breath!  Had a lovely vacation, which included lots of cat things, family things, and self-pampering things!  I'll post on all this week.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Almost Gotcha Day, Patty!

Patty would rather that I pet him than take his photo
My Patty Oh, from this morning
Patty O'Malley appeared in our yard in the Winter of 2011-2012.  I trapped him on 3/19/12, and transported him to All About Animals on 3/20 for neuter and shots.  When I picked him up on 3/21 (it was 76 degrees F that day!) and released him, I was worried that he'd run away and not return.  But he was back again for dinner, and he has pretty much stuck around since then.

Now, you'd think that I named him Patrick O'Malley because of St. Patrick's Day, but you would be wrong.  With his green eyes, fur the multifaceted colors of a pint of Guinness Stout, and his charming, lovable ways as if he'd kissed The Blarney Stone...well, a fine Irish name seemed appropriate.  The Hubby was calling him 'Tiger', but there is no doubt that O'Mallus (a nickname) is perfectly named!

Now for some news: I'm going on vacation!  Well, some staycation, and then a visit with family.  Some of this is cat and wildlife related!

Bluebelles from our front garden, taken in 2016
Chuck's follow-up veterinary visit in the morning, and then a drive to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see Kedi Film at the Detroit Film Theatre.  Here is a blurb about the movie:

"Hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely. For thousands of years they’ve wandered in and out of people’s lives, becoming an essential part of the communities that make the city so rich. Claiming no owners, the cats of Istanbul live between two worlds, neither wild nor tame — and they bring joy and purpose to those people they choose to adopt. In Istanbul, cats are the mirrors to the people, allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could."

"Books and Cats and Other Stuff Too" at Catfe Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan.

The First Day Of Spring!
And my birthday; gonna hang with The Hubby and let him spoil me...hehehe!  Which will include: thrift shopping, lunch at The Pita Cafe, and some quiet time with Angel and Chuck, and Patty and Sweetie.

My friend BG and I are traveling to Kensington Metropark Nature Center and Howell Nature Center to commune with Mother Nature, and maybe take a few snaps of her bird, tree, and critter children.

My first manicure & pedicure, plus an hour massage!  YUM!

A trip to John K. King Used and Rare Books in Detroit, and maybe to their Ferndale location, where they have an office cat, I've heard.

Friday through Sunday:
Fly to Georgia to rendezvous with family for a 50th wedding celebration.  I haven't seen many folks from my father's family since his passing in 2004, and am looking forward to connecting again with everyone!

Therefore, my blogging may be sparse next week.

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day, 
and Vernal Equinox 2017!

Patty usually stayed a distance away back then
Patty O'Malley in 2014, before TNR

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cat Cell Phone Cover

Let's face it: this case SCREAMS that I am a cat person!
This design appeals to my love of cats
AND my enjoyment of modern art...
plus, it's not too crazy for the office environment

First off, my brother and his cats had power restoration last night. Thanks for the warm wishes for both us and him after The Big Blow of March 2017!  My thoughts and prayers for those of you getting hammered on the East Coast; snow and wind.  Brrr!  Stay safe, friends!

During all of that hubbub, my brand new iPhone 7 arrived, and I ordered this nifty cat-themed case too.  Isn't it darling?  Let me tell ya, there are a bazillion and one cell phone cases to be had out there. Picking one is rather difficult, with so many choices.  The price ranges were crazy too.  I chose this one because it has artsy cats, and it folds into a stand to make watching videos easier.

Lots of cases had photo-realistic images of cats, but if I couldn't get Angel or Chuck, why would I haul around a picture of someone else's cat?  Know what I mean?

I am still considering a selfie-stick; will take my time looking for that. Perhaps I can score one at a thrift store?

Purchasing info is here, and my office purchased this for me.  I guess that sorta counts as compensation, but I need the case for my corporate phone to prevent breakage from a drop.  I am not getting anything for posting about this case, other than eye-rolls from The Hubby, and no doubt twitters and giggles from anyone reading this!

Get better, Frimousse!
Taken from Frimousse Blog
P.S. A dear cat blogging friend is not feeling well, so please visit Frimousse Blog and give some warmth and healthy wishes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chuck's Diary Entry: March 14, 2017

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, there was lots of noise and commotion in the backyard, so I hid from it all.  Guess these humans were cutting down the tree that fell on the power lines, then some other humans fixed the wires so heat could once again pour forth from the vents.  The human called The Hubby spent time plugging in things that had been unplugged, and taking jars and cans that he'd stored in coolers and on window ledges, and putting them back in the big cabinet called a refrigerator.
The results of cutting down the tree

Why would they leave that?

Glad they took out that fence, rather than
damaging our barn!

Am thinking the tree folks will come
back to work on these other trees

The Human called The Mom was so excited, that she was late getting home (and feeding us!), in order to pick up a carry-out dinner (Falafel sandwiches, with a bowl of garlic sauce) for their dinner. The Big Blow of March, 2017 goes down in the history books, at least for Eastside Cats.  Unfortunately, The Mom's big brother lives with his kitties in a place called Ann Arbor, and he is still without power. Here's hoping his kitties get their heat vents back soon!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly that resulted from The Big Blow of March, 2017:

The Good:

  • The Hubby's thoughtful projects that kept us from shivering our fur off
  • The Human's enjoyed hours of conversation, and made plans for some cool stuff to do in the yard
  • The Mom learned to sleep without a fan or air-cleaner running

The Bad:

  • Five days without power takes a toll on humans; they didn't mimic how us kitties just rolled with it
  • The Hubby missed some important basketball games
  • Cold toilet seats make humans grumpy

The Ugly:

  • The Human's heated mattress pad is dead.  Something about surges or brown-outs...I am a cat, and I don't really care what the reason is.  
  • I haven't yet scored any kibble, and that's a downright shame!

RIP heated mattress pad controls!
You did your job well; rest easy now in mattress pad heaven

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chuck's Diary Entry: March 13, 2017

Dear Diary,

The cold continues, but my humans are having more fun than they should!  While I and sissy Angel curl up in tight balls to sleep away the chill, the human called The Hubby is busily heating pots on the stove with hot water, then setting them around as mini-radiators.  This way, we've stayed relatively comfy.  The human called The Mom goes out every day to earn green papers or go off gallivanting.  She even had her head fur trimmed, but never showed it to us because it was too cold and she kept her hat on the whole time!

Scroll your mouse over each photo for more news.

Saturday morning temps were cold!

The Hubby's version of steam radiators in the dining room

Big pots full of water, keeping the house warmish!

The Mom won't show off her new hairdo!

Angel keeps an eye on everything!

It's me, Chucky...sniffing at the camera
And yet I am still frisky, and demand some kibble at every chance...even though The Humans tell me that I am not allowed kibble.  I WANT SOME, since I can see that my outside friends get to eat it!  I meow and whine, and dance around the kitchen.  The Mom thinks she can put me off by sprinkling more nutritional yeast on my wet food, and yes, it mollifies me for a moment...but I'll keep trying no matter what!  The Hubby found an old battery-powered radio, and some old speakers so they can listen to music or NCAA basketball games.  I enjoyed the music, even with The Mom caterwauling about Free Birds and Zeppelins and some other human named Bob Seger. She even danced around Angel, making screechy noises along with Frampton...what the heck is a Frampton?  I covered my eyes with my paw at that point, folks!

The Mom here!

The Hubby has gone all 'Jeremiah Johnson' on us; keeping things warm and a steady stream of food...yum!  The power company reports that we should have power by 11:30 PM tonight.  Since we are currently experiencing snow flurries and wind, it sure will be nice to having the heat on!  Patty and Sweetie are doing fine without their warming pad; here are some photos of them sunning themselves yesterday (before the snow) in the neighbor's garden.

Sweetie soaking up the rays

Patty's fur colors make him almost invisible next to Sweetie!

Patty O'Malley is such a clown!